Scholarships & Awards – Massage Therapy

Scholarships & Awards – Massage Therapy

The International Academy of Massage is pleased to offer students applying to the Academy for the 2020 Full-time programs, the opportunity to apply for the following scholarships and awards.

Entrance Scholarships:

A student may apply for only one scholarship in the following categories:

The Academy recognizes the benefits of a student’s past educational training and work within the healthcare field. The award is prorated over the length of the program.

(1)    Massage Training Scholarship $500.00
In addition to the potential eligibility for educational & financial credits, as determined by the Educational Committee’s analysis of your educational experience, the scholarship recognizes a student’s demonstrated past participation in becoming a massage therapist. It is awarded in addition to any educational or financial credit for entry into the program during semesters 1 to 3 of the FT program.

To be eligible, the student must have completed a minimum of 3 months training (16 hours per week) in a structured massage program in North America. A transcript and set of course descriptions will be required.

How do you apply? Simply add a letter to your application setting out the name of the school attended and provide a transcript. Upon confirmation by the Education Committee, the scholarship will be granted.

(2)    Related Healthcare Scholarship $500.00
Students applying with a background as a Personal Support Worker, Physiotherapy Assistant, Dental Care or Acupuncture/TCM. . This is in addition to any educational credit which may be granted.

How do you apply? Add a copy of your certificate or diploma to the application form.

(3)    Sir James R. Marshall Scholarship $2,000.00
This scholarship is granted to the qualified applicant who holds a degree and is a foreign trained medical doctor.
Eligible applicants for this award must hold a degree from an International University and can provide documentation that supports he/she has been trained and practiced medicine in another country for a minimum of 2 years. It is understood the recipient will undertake the complete Full-time Massage Therapy Program without educational credits, to ensure all aspects of competencies have been studied as determined by the National Competencies Standards for Massage Therapy in Canada.

Academic and Clinical Performance Awards

The following performance awards are in addition to any ‘Entrance Scholarship’ earned by the student.

(1)     Honours Achievement
Every student has the opportunity to graduate with ‘honours’ standing which is achieving an 85.0% grade average over the entire program. It takes commitment, dedication, persistence and a sense of purpose to become an ‘honours’ graduate.

The ‘honours’ graduate’s diploma acknowledges this accomplishment for all future clients to recognize that they are being treated by a highly knowledgeable ‘top performer’.

(2)     “Scott & Sparkes Award” for Excellence in Clinical Technique
In each graduating class, there will be one student who earns the top performance award for the ‘hands-on’ or practical application of massage techniques and outstanding professionalism in clinical settings; as determined by the supervising faculty and final examiners. The award is named after the two founding program directors, who have helped set the high standards of clinical practice the Academy’s graduates take forward into their careers as registered massage therapists.

The award is presented at the Graduation ceremonies and the award winner must be present.

(3)     Executive Director’s Award
In each graduating year, the Education Committee reviews all graduating students to determine, if there is an individual(s) who has achieved the highest academic standings for the period and also has placed in the top quartile of students in clinical technique standings.

The recipient is recognized at the Graduation ceremonies and presented with a quality award for display to future clients. The award is not necessarily granted each graduating class and the award winner must be present at the graduation ceremonies

(4)     President’s Award
Periodically, there is usually one student who generally performs at the Top. The President’s award is determined by a panel that selects the person, who has exemplified the characteristics of professionalism and overall achievement. The Education Committee selects the student who exhibited the following characteristics:
•    Consistently demonstrated strong academic and clinical technique performance
•    Displayed positive leadership qualities within the student body and the overall Academy
•    Maintained professional client relations during clinics and off-site activities
•    Participated in or completed volunteer work within the general community and/or the student body (e.g. tutoring or mentoring other students).

The recipient receives a prestigious award at the Graduation ceremonies. This award is not necessarily granted each year, as it is important to maintain the standards of the criteria, in order to honour all of those who have earned the reward in the past. Graduates from the 3 academies are eligible for this award.