Natural Health Practitioner

Natural Health Practitioner

“Designed for the Needs of Today’s Practitioner”

51.1 Credit (1160 hours) Diploma Program – Part time

This Program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Extensive Nutrition, Herbology , Reflexology and Iridology Study

Along with foundational knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Aromatherapy, Business Skills, Communications, Ethics, Professionalism, Research Literacy and First Aid

All designed to prepare the graduate to work in
the natural health client environment.

A Hybrid Approach

A combination of live in-class skill development, faculty led on-line subjects and self-study subjects -all designed to help meet the needs of the part-time students who have other responsibilities in their daily lives.

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Graduates will be able to recommend a pathway of guidance to those aspiring to achieve better personal health balance; by drawing from a broad range of recognized techniques and natural health disciplines. The Graduate will have a comprehensive level of nutrition knowledge.

The graduate will have a comprehensive skill to enable them to work as a reflexologist and a working knowledge of relaxation massage for spa style of work. The aromatherapy certificate is an adjunct to this style of work.

The Natural Health Practitioner will be capable of working as a ‘self-proprietor’ or within a professional group or clinic environment, in a field of ever expanding consumer awareness and employment opportunity.

The design of this program is to combine applicable natural health certificates and the study of nutrition and professional skill development to create a well-rounded practitioner, who has various pathways to earn an income.


“Pay as You Go Tuition Plan”


Overview of the NHP Diploma

Certified Reflexology Practitioner certificate: 6 specialization credits

180 hours ( includes 50 live cases) No textbook, handouts, and Electronic class notes provided.

(Hybrid -live online and skill in-person classes)

A pathway to earn an income while you complete your studies.

  • Program graduates can become members of RAC Nationally and RRCO in Ontario.
  • Graduate will learn reflexology techniques for the feet, hands, face, head, and ear.
  • Reflexology 1
  • Reflexology 2
  • Reflexology 3
  • Reflexology 4
  • Reflexology 5
  • Plus Ethics(.5), Professional Development (.5) and First Aid in Professional Development

Aromatherapy Foundations certificate: 6 credits

(No textbook required, E class notes provided)

             (On-line) Fall start

  • Aromatherapy 1 – Foundations of Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy 2 – Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • Aromatherapy 3 – Therapeutic and Aromatic Plant Families
  • Aromatherapy 4 – Application Methods
  • Aromatherapy 5 – Carrier Oils
  • Case studies

Herbal Foundations certificate: 7 credits

(No textbook, E-class notes provided)

  (Hybrid Online and In-person )                       

  • Herbal Therapeutics 1                                                   
  • Herbal Therapeutics 2                                                 
  • Herbal Pharmacology                                                     
  • Materia Medica  l & ll                                                     
  • Western Herbal Energetics                                           
  • Clinical Case Studies

Iridology Foundations Certificate: 6 credits

            (Online  live, Starts Spring – Textbook required)

  • Iridology 1 
  • Iridology 2 
  • Iridology 3 
  • Iridology 4 
  • Clinical Application – case studies
  • Plus Nutrition 2


NHP Nutrition: 5 credits (No required textbook, E-class notes provided)

 (Online live -100 hours, Part of NHP only, no certificate)

  • Nutrition 1
  • Nutrition 2
  • Nutrition 3
  • Nutrition 4
  • Nutrition 5

Relaxation Massage:  4.5 credits

(Textbook optional, E class notes provided)

108 hours (Part of NHP only, no certificate)

(In-person daytime schedule Spring and Fall semesters)

  • Learn the hand and body skills of Swedish in Massage Foundations (1-4) and Chair massage to relieve stress from clients.

Requires purchase of a supply package and academy wear.

(includes 6 flat sheets, 3 headrest covers, 3 towels, 1 sports shirt)

Human Sciences: 5 credits

Fall and Spring starts

Anatomy/Physiology 1, 2, 3, 4  (Online live daytime or self home study) Textbook Required

Pathology 1 (In-person class or home study -sometimes online, live days) Textbook Required

Professional Development: 12 credits 

(no requirement for textbooks – E class notes provided
Business Skills  (Online daytime)
Client Assessment 1 (in-person daytime)
Communication and the Healthcare Practitioner (Online daytime)
Ethics and the Healthcare Practitioner (Online live daytime
First Aid (Hybrid -online theory, in-person skills)
Jurisprudence of a Registered Practitioner (online live daytime)
TCM Meridian Theory (Home-study)
Professional Development
Pharmacology (Home-study)
Research 1/Interpretive Studies  (Home-study)
Research 2 (Self-study paper)
Terminology 1,2 ( online live -daytime)


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