Natural Health Practitioner

Natural Health Practitioner

“Designed for the Needs of Today’s Practitioner”

A comprehensive 42.5 credit diploma program

(Ontario Level 1 diploma = 1000 hours)

100% Part-time Approach to a Natural Healthcare Education

Extensive Nutrition, Herbology , Reflexology and Iridology Study

Along with foundational knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Aromatherapy, Business Skills, Communications, Ethics, Professionalism, Research Literacy and First Aid

All designed to prepare the graduate to work in
the natural health client environment.

A Hybrid Approach

A combination of live in-class skill development, faculty led on-line subjects and self-study subjects -all designed to help meet the needs of the part-time students who have other responsibilities in their daily lives.

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

This comprehensive 1000 hour (42.5 credits) program examines the complexities and inter-relationships of body conditions and symptoms. Graduates will have the ability to analyze and offer appropriate counseling and education to their clients to help them address their health concerns. The practitioner will have a blended, working level knowledge of herbalism, iridology, nutrition, reflexology. The goal is to be able to guide clients to health balance, through the application of multiple health disciplines within the client’s treatment plan.

Subjects are generally offered on weekday evenings, on weekend days or by home study. A few day time classes that run during the week will be required in the Professional Development section. Daytime options for several subjects can help accelerate the completion of your program.

The program is designed to create a flexible schedule for participants allowing them to complete it in up to 5 years. The program can be completed in less than 2 years if the participant has the time available, to dedicate to their studies.

The program is also designed to integrate skill specific certificates, as the student progresses through the program, as this allows the student to potentially have an earning income during the completion of the NHP diploma program e.g. reflexology -accredited by the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) ( and the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO) ( ).

Individual certificates can be earned for Herbal Foundations, Iridology Foundations, and Certified Reflexology Practitioner, as part of this program. Nutrition specialization subjects represent 8.5 credits or approximately 200 hours of this program, as nutrition is a core component of the Natural Health Practitioner’s everyday practice. Participants can also expand their knowledge to obtain a certificate as an Aromatherapy Practitioner. (The Academy does not issue a separate certificate for the Nutrition studies, as the practice of Nutrition from a career perspective should be complementary to the wholistic health treatment plan for the client.)

Graduates will be able to recommend a pathway of guidance and treatment to those aspiring to achieve better personal health balance; by drawing from a broad range of recognized techniques, skills, and natural health disciplines.  

The graduate will have an in-depth knowledge in the assessment of nutritional needs being complemented by the study of iridology and the use of herbs to help benefit a client, as part of a treatment plan.

The Natural Health Practitioner will be capable of working as a ‘self-proprietor’ or within a professional complementary natural health clinic team, in a field of ever expanding consumer awareness and employment opportunity.

Summary of Program:           Credits            Approx.Hours

Aromatherapy                        4                      72

Herbology                              7                      168

Iridology                                 5                      92

Nutrition                                 8.5                   204

Reflexology                            6                      180 (50 clinical)

Professional Development    12.                   284

Total Credits                           42.5                 1000

A credit represents approx. 18-28 hours of teaching/skill development.

I am currently a Registered Health Professional, am I eligible for an Advanced Standing?

Yes–you may be eligible for educational credits in the Professional Development sector.

Advanced standing may also be eligible to those who have successfully completed anatomy and physiology subjects and/or hold their first aid certificate.


I have natural health knowledge from previous education, can I receive educational credits?

Yes -you may be eligible for education credits. A transcript and subject descriptions will be needed.


How do I take this program?

It is structured on a part-time basis, with most evening, weekend or home study credits. Daytime classes can accelerate the program completion. It is recommended you select a particular area of interest to start with and then build from there. Certificates are designed to start over each September. An information booklet is available for each certificate. A student may mix subjects being taken in a semester to meet their personal interests.


Timetables for each semester are published usually 6 weeks prior to a semester start, so you can plan accordingly.

When can I start?

A student can start anytime for subjects available by home study, such as Anatomy and Physiology. Most in-class subjects are offered in the evenings and on weekends.