Massage Therapy

International Academy of Massage

Massage Therapy -Diploma Program

Now is the time to take the first step forward towards your career as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Fast-track 19-Month Program (71 training weeks and 8 vacation weeks)
Starts September 24th 2021-Completion March 31st, 2023 Hybrid Model for the Fall. Live online for academics and theory, in-person for skills development at the Academy. Program days will be M-T-W and F for the Fall semester.

2006 to 2018 CMTO Pass Rate Average 96.6%
Accepting applications for September 2021, at this time.

Students enrolled in the Massage Therapy Program of study may be eligible. if qualified, for loans, grants, or awards granted under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Visit the OSAP website at

Picture Yourself as a Professional Massage Therapist!
Competency-Based Educational learning is structured around the ‘real world’ role and function of a massage therapist, which facilitates graduates to become skilled success in this health care field. The goal of the program is to help the student develop a career ‘ entry-level competency’ as established for the industry, through 96.5 credits of Academic/ Practical Lab Hours comprised of: theory, practical application, supervised clinical and outreach sessions. (The student will receive assignments and self-study project work to complement the classroom experience.)

Massage Therapists in Ontario are principally self-employed health professionals, who work in a variety of settings:

• Massage therapy clinics
• Private practice
• Multi-disciplined professional offices, such as chiropractic or physiotherapy
• Health clinics
• Health spas
• Health and fitness clubs
• Rehabilitation centres
• Nursing homes
• Community health clinics
• Sports teams
• Cruise ships
• Hospitals and regional health centres

The International Academy of Massage program includes specialized training in a broad range of massage therapy applications:

• Swedish Massage
• Sports Massage
• Infant Massage
• Pregnancy Massage
• Therapeutic Rehabilitation
• Trigger Point Therapy
• Myofascial and Superficial Fascial
• Friction Therapy
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Joint Play
• Hydrotherapy
• Client Homecare Plans
• Remedial Exercises for Rehabilitation
• Client Assessment
• Orthopedic Assessments
• Therapeutic Relations
• Clinical Therapy