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International Academy of Massage

Start September 25, 2023

Fast-track 19-Month Program (71 training weeks and 8 vacation weeks)

The International Academy of Massage, is a division of International Academy of Applied Health Inc., Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Now is the time to take the first step towards your future career in a growing profession!

Massage therapy in Ontario is a growing and dynamic profession.

Ontario’s Massage Therapists are primarily self-employed health professionals, working in a variety of settings from Massage Therapy clinics and chiropractic offices, to private practice, rehabilitation centres, health spas, fitness clubs, long-term care facilities, community health clinics, and hospitals.

Combining orthopedic and neurological testing, soft tissue manipulation (Swedish and other massage techniques), hydrotherapy, remedial exercise, and client education programs, they assess and treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions and contribute to maintaining the optimal health and wellness of their clients.

This program is designed to assist graduates to be in a work-ready stage upon its completion in 19 months. It has the same  National competencies as a 3-year program, without long summer breaks. It builds in 8 weeks of vacation, spread throughout the 6 semesters, and as such, the graduate is ready to be in the workplace approximately 1 year sooner.

This program will be taught in-person at the Academy. There is a strong relationship between the academic theory and skill development and the theory classes often intertwine both aspects, in order to provide the best learning experience.

“Admission Requirements”

The educational pre-requisite to enter the massage therapy diploma program is an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. You may apply prior to completing Grade 12 in order to confirm your placement in the program.

‘Mature Student’ applicants over the age of 18 (Grade 12 not fully completed) will also be considered – mature students will be required to undertake and pass a qualifying examination. ( A short Wonderlic test $40. fee)

Applicants being trained under Employment Insurance programs or, other similar programs are welcome to apply.

The Academy’s massage therapy program is designed to accommodate students who have no prior experience. No pre-requisite introductory courses are required.

Note: While prior education in Biology or the Sciences will be helpful, there is no pre-requisite for application. The Academy’s program is designed to accommodate students without such training. Each semester is designed to gradually build on the foundations of human sciences and massage techniques learned in semester 1.

Criminal vulnerability checks and vaccinations are also not required by the Academy. All client care will be supervised by an Academy Faculty RMT.

It is recommended for students to be vaccinated but it is not a requirement for application. Not being vaccinated may mean that entry to such facilities as retirement homes, for geriatric skill practice, may be restricted due to their COVID-19 policies in place at that time and alternative skill development practice may be required.

Applicants will be interviewed prior to the issuance of a letter of acceptance. Students may be interviewed by telephone, online Microsoft Teams, or in-person (tour included).

Orientation Day on September 8 2023 is required and includes the presentation of the student agreement, an overview of the program, a session with the Program Director, admin details and supplies, and academy wear measurement. Formal Classes start September 25, 2023.

 Are you a Kinesiology, Physiology, or Dental Hygiene Graduate? Are you a nurse or perhaps a foreign-trained doctor? You may be eligible for Advanced Standing or a Scholarship.

International Students are welcome to apply.  For more information click here.

Entry to Practice
  • Graduates must hold the credential Registered Massage Therapist (RMT or MT) to practice in Ontario as a Massage Therapist.

  • To be registered as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Ontario, you must have ‘landed immigrant status’ or be a ‘Canadian citizen’ or have a work permit from Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) and not have a criminal record at the time of writing the Provincial Examinations are offered in either English or French. There is both a written and a practical examination.

  • The process to obtain the registered credential includes taking a two-part Provincial Certification examination. Students apply to the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) in their 6th semester of the program to register for the examination, which will occur after the successful completion of the massage therapy

  • The applicant must be able to speak and write either English or French with reasonable Principle(s):

Effective communication is essential for the provision of competent, safe, high quality Massage Therapy services.  Language fluency enhances public protection by ensuring that registrants can communicate effectively with clients and other members of the health care team. The College’s Certification Examinations are not designed to test language fluency and do not require any writing activities. Therefore candidates are required to meet the College’s language fluency requirement prior to attempting the Certification Examinations. Decision Criteria:

  • A candidate may meet the language fluency requirement by providing proof, acceptable to the College of one of the following:

  1. A candidate’s first language is English or French

  2. A candidate has completed his/her secondary school education in English or French1

  3. A candidate has completed a standardized English or French language test approved by the College within the past two years and achieved the required scores set by the College

  4. The candidate has successfully completed an approved Massage Therapy program AND the program’s curriculum included at least two full (e.g.3-credit or 30-hour) mandatory courses in English, French or health-related communications that were successfully completed by the candidate. The Academy’s curriculum meets this criteria.


Successful candidates are then able to apply for registration with the CMTO.

2007 – 2022 Success Rate Continues!

96.0% of Graduates have passed the CMTO Provincial Examinations

(See  Key Performance Indicators)


  • This massage therapy program is designed in line with traditional Academic learning environments and includes scheduled breaks for family time and relaxation:
Vacation Breaks:

There are summer, fall, winter and spring vacations as follows:

December 16 2023 to January 1 2024, March 16 to March 24 2024, June 29 to July 7 2024 and August 3 to August 11 2024, September 14 to 22 2024, December 14 to 29 2024 (classes resume Dec 30)

There are no classes on the following statutory holidays which fall outside of regularly scheduled vacation weeks

e.g. Family Day (February), Good Friday (April 7), Victoria Day (May), Thanksgiving (October).

Semesters 1, 3, 5 will be 12 weeks, semesters 2, 4 will be 11 weeks and semester 6 will be 13 weeks.

Academy Policies
Student Guide

A Student guide outlining the General guidelines for your day-to-day participation is available for review on-site and a personal copy provided at the beginning of the program and as updated. The guide provides a complete overview of most administrative requirements and details about the program, including such policies as: examinations, complaint process, expulsion policy, CMTO overview and information about the Academy.


The only Ottawa  Private Career College to have a history in massage therapy education since 1998 with over 460 graduates.

An Academy with a 100% focus on healthcare education.

The Academy and faculty are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal!

What will you study?

Each part of the program has been carefully integrated to build both the student’s knowledge and skill, on a continuous, ascending level of capability.


  • The Academy takes a special interest in the student and every effort is made to extend learning beyond the classroom

  • Students enjoy a very favourable student/teacher ratio

  • Participation in on-site and off-site clinicals, as well as, sporting events assist to develop the practical applica- tion of a student’s studies

  • Additionally, the Academy retains an on-site Program Director to ensure that each student receives a well-balanced educational experience

Subjects are generally divided into 16-32 hour credits, which initially establish a foundation of knowledge or skill and then, build on to one another in a logically flowing sequence

 Students will also experience pre-natal and perinatal training, working with special care individuals,  understand how to evaluate articles, complete a research project and massage related projects.

Participation at Sporting events, as available, such as: the Run for Life, Cancer Relay, the CHEO Relay or other events such as swimming, badminton, volleyball and hockey tournaments, which may be scheduled events within the program.

Presently, both pregnancy and sports clinics are held on-site at the Academy.

Students will also  have the opportunity to participate in a visit to a University cadaver lab (as open).

As needed, the Academy’s program is continuously adjusted in order to mirror the changing needs of the profession.

The program trains the student towards competency standards established by the CMTO and comprises 96.5 credits (2341 hours) of academic/supervised practical lab & clinic hours., presented over 6 semesters. The training completion        schedule may be accelerated by the Academy, depending on the class size, student absorption of competencies and the     scheduling of CMTO examinations.

The program is generally presented using a 4 weekday week.

E.g. Spring: M-T-W-T

Class schedules may be set between 8:15am-5:30pm.

As this is a skill development program, all classes will be held in-person with live instruction. This allows the continuous integration of academic theory and skill development practice/knowledge.

  • Semester & Comprehensive Examinations may occur on Fridays. Program Final Examinations may also occur on Friday and/or Saturdays.

  • Public Wellness clinical practice sessions occur on a week night during semesters 2 to 6.

  • detailed timetable is provided at the commencement date for each of the 6 semesters.

  • All classes are in English and are held at the Academy.

  • Off-site experiences are within the Ottawa region.

  • Sports events/runs, may occur on some weekends.

What’s Next?

If you would like a tour of the Academy, or an information session (in-person or Microsoft Teams), email to

Tuition and Supplies Fees are provided in the information session and also form part of the application form.

To request an electronic application or info session click on “Request Information